Goalden Gate

The Goalden Gate Draw means you can help support the Club with the chance of winning great cash prizes. It provides as income from the senior side right through to the youth teams, which the Club sorely needs. It can includes all the staff, as well as supporters, players, old friends of the Club, Joe Public, and the local community. There are always a lot of things that need doing at the Club, and this has proved invaluable.


There are many cash prizes in the weekly draw and forms are obtainable from the Club, any of the Committee Members, of from the managers of any of the 24 teams that make up the senior and youth sections of the Club. Just looking at the current Club members, players, parents and grandparents we are looking at 2000 members already. Looking to the future, we are going for the big time.

The draw is made on the first day of each week (normally Monday) and the money raised is utilised to help continue the upgrading of the facilities and to improve the quality and quantity of sports equipment available, all of which will help to re-establish RAMSGATE FC where it should be, up with the big boys. We are probably one of the least-well supported clubs in the area but we have the biggest hearts.

If anyone would like to act as an Agent, or knows any pubs, shops, or other outlets where we can distribute the Goalden Gate application forms, I would be grateful if you could contact me on 07837-817266 or e-mail commercial@ramsgate-fc.co.uk.

You can also download a Goalden Gate application form simply click HERE.

Vic Todd


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