The aim of the RFSA is to promote Ramsgate FC within the local community and further afield, and to improve the facilities for supporters in the ground.

The RFSA are in regular contact with the club and provide a channel of communication between the terrace and boardroom.

For many years RFSA members have assisted with voluntary labour for ground maintenance, match day poster distribution, running the club shop and P.A system, as well as financial contributions. The aim of this is to help the club build a stronger financial base allowing it to invest in the team and achieve the highest possible standard of football for the town of Ramsgate.

The RFSA is open to any Rams fan, so show your support and get your opinion heard! If you’re not already a member, click HERE and join, or email RFSA2007@yahoo.com. The more members we have the more efficient we can be, so don’t forget this is your association, you can help.


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