Academy Starlet Adam Miles, 16, Promoted to First Team Training

Academy Starlet Adam Miles, 16, Promoted to First Team Training


Academy star Adam Miles was invited to take part in first team training on Tuesday evening. 

The opportunity came around when Football Liaison Officer Jim Ward invited Adam on Sunday to train alongside the senior players as a one-off.

"I went and watched the u18's Premier side on Sunday and there were many good players, but Adam stood out for me," Jim said. 

"I said to Nick that I'd like to invite him down to training on Tuesday, and of course Nick agreed,"

"The biggest thing we want to do at Ramsgate is to encourage youngsters to believe there is life at the end of the tunnel, we don't want to lose exciting prospects to other sides,"

"We are all for giving the youth a chance."

It was an exciting moment for Adam to get a taste of first team football at such a young age, and also a golden chance to impress the boss.

"I'm very proud of this opportunity to train with the senior squad," Adam said. 

"I've been at Ramsgate since I was 6-years old, so today was a great chance that I wanted to make the most of,"

"Hopefully I managed to impress Nick, he's a good manager who play's with an attacking style which is what I like."

Adam Miles, 16, has high aspirations and hopes he can break into the first-team at Ramsgate at some point down the line. 

"I hope I can keep building my way up, and also keep building bridges for myself as I progress in my career,"

"I want to continue to impress Nick and then fingers crossed at some point I can break into the first team."