Club Statement: A Message From Jason Lillis

Club Statement: A Message From Jason Lillis


With the massive restructuring needed on and off the field this was too much for me to put my 100% effort into and fit in with my job and family commitments.

There were financial circumstances that had arisen before I was put in post which was a challenge to sort out and I successfully reduced the playing budget down to the agreed level. Being part of a club at a time of change was a challenge and greatly reduced the amount of coaching time available to me.

My main aim was to come in and look to restructure the coaching program and work with the youth coaches, but this had to be put back due to the time restraints needed on non-footballing matters.

With an open and honest conversation with James Lawson (Chairman) we both agreed it was virtually impossible to juggle work needed at Ramsgate and my work life balance.

James has a lot of hard work ahead of him dealing with behind the scenes restructuring and bringing fresh new faces to the board as the club needs a fresh new outlook.

I wish everyone involved in the club the very best of luck in the future.

Jason Lillis.