Cover Ram Revealed: Nick Davis

Cover Ram Revealed: Nick Davis


This weeks cover ram revealed is manager Nick Davis...

Q: Favourite Training Drill?  A: Anything with a purpose that is intense and game-related

Q: Pre Match Food?  A: Beans on toast

Q: Football Hero?  A: Lenny Piper

Q: Favourite Team?  A: Brentford 

Q: Best Stadium Visited?  A: Griffin Park

Q: Coolest League Shirt?  A: No favourite

Q: Position Played?  A: Centre-half

Q: Favourite Goal?  A: Rory Smith's second against Guernsey

Q: Favourite Phone App?  A: Twitter

Q: Most Visited Website?  A: Footballwebpages

Q: Favourite Film?  A: The Hangover 

Q: TV Programme?   A: Don't watch TV

Q: Favourite PC game?  A: Championship Manager 98/99

Q: Newspaper/Magazine?  A: Non-League Paper

Q: Team Mate On The Pitch?  A: Lee Minshull

Q: Favourite Opposition?  A: No favourite opponents, treat them all the same 

Q: Dressing Room Buddy?  A: Laurence Ball

Q: Other Sports?  A: Cricket

Q: Holiday Destination?  A: Anywhere abroad

Q: Favourite Car?  A: Suzuki Swift

Q: Best Music Album/CD?  A: I like a bit of everything