COVID-19 Risk Assessment: Ramsgate FC

COVID-19 Risk Assessment: Ramsgate FC


Ramsgate Football Club's appointed Covid-19 Officer is Paul Bowden-Brown. Should anybody have any queries or concerns we urge you to contact Paul -

Here is our updated Risk Assessment:


Ramsgate Football Club have ensured that their Directors and Club Management both on and off the field are fully conversant and understand the FA guidelines for the Providers of Outdoor Facilities and about the spread of COVID-19. 

All Players /Coaches/Volunteers/ Club Officials, etc will be provided with access and asked to read The FA 2 “Code of Behaviour”. An email will be sent to all Players/Coaches/Volunteers giving instructions.

Information on the Home Clubs Match Day procedures and this will be provided to any visiting teams and Match Officials prior to arrival.

Coaches/Volunteers/Players/Match Officials/Visiting team will be reassured and instructed to ensure they wash their hands and comply with social distancing.

All Visitors are instructed to carry out self assessment with regards to COVID-19 symptoms and informed not to come to the Stadium, but self isolate. Anyone who wishes to self isolate will be permitted to do so. All Visitors will be provided with a reminder of the symptoms of COVID-19 and the need to follow Government guidelines.

Attendees records to the stadium will be kept for 21 days in line with the Clubs data protection policy and used upon request to comply with the requirements for the NWS Track and Trace. Confirmation will be obtained from visiting teams to confirm they have all contact details for their visiting team. Communication will be sent to all with regards to the stadium controls in place by the Club for attendance at training/matches.

No indoor training or matches of any kind can take place until further notice.Club Board Directors responsible for the COVID-19 Policy will observe a number of matches in order to ensure compliance and reminders of compliance is adhered to.

Ramsgate Football Club are affiliated to the KCFA for the season 2020/21. The Club has in line with the laid down FA requirements where it suggests every Football Club Board or Trustees should appoint a Director or Trustee as the Clubs COVID-19 Officer who will be solely responsible for oversight of the COVID-19 risk assessments which will always be in place whilst the Club plays their games at their Stadium, always ensuring the necessary level of risk mitigations are in place whilst the Club plays their game Homes & Away and the minimum guidance to be achieved has taken place

Ramsgate Football Club will ensure that all their participants adhere to the guidance given by the Clubs Official COVID-19  Officer always within local constraints as he is responsible for producing and implementing the COVID-19 risk assessment and to oversee the safe return to play Football once again at Southwood Stadium.

Ramsgate Football Club have ensured that all Insurance policies held by the Club in relation to all football activities e.g. personal accident and Public Liability are fully compliant with our Insurance providers advice.


Ramsgate Football Clubs COVID-19 Officer will be responsible through clear and precise communication and delegation to ensure all relevant guidance is given to its own Players, Coaches, volunteers and ( supporters when we are allowed ) throughout the Club, as well as to any  visiting Club.

For any match to be played at Southwood and be in line with the FA, KCFA & Government guidelines it quite clearly states that gatherings of more than 30 clearly states that gatherings of more than 30 people are not permitted while social distancing is in force therefore unfortunately we as a Football Club are.

Therefore, unfortunately we as a Football Club are unable to have more than 30 persons in total at this game. So the decisions have been made that each Club will allow only essential persons from the visiting teams, their names to be supplied to the Home team Secretary before the game, we would accept that other than the Team and supporting personnel you would class Club Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Media personnel as acceptable essential personnel. Home essential personnel would be Club Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Media and Home Stewards that would carry out essential duties to ensure that we meet all guidelines.

Ramsgate FC due to the detail of the FA & Government guidelines has decided unfortunately not to be offering Hot & Cold drinks and food on Match Days, this will also include players and officials food after matches.

Ramsgate Football Club will require both Clubs to complete the Test and Trace document that will be provided to both teams before Match Day. The details on this form will show all participants visiting Southwood on Match Days including the Referees and Club Officials. So that in an event of a COVID-19 outbreak those potentially infected can be traced, be assured this is to everyone's benefit so please ensure that the Ramsgate Football Club Secretary receives this information before the start of the game, failure to abide by this instruction will result in a delay of the game or even may result in postponement. 

The Information given on the Test & Trace Information will be kept for a minimum of 21 days in line with Government Recreational Team Sport Framework and collated/processed in accordance with the Data  protection Act 2018 in line with GDPR principles, the information will only be used for the purpose of NHS Test and trace.


In line with Government guidance, all participants Players, Coaches, Club & Match Officials & volunteers, and Spectators when allowed) should check for symptoms of COVID-19. If an individual is symptomatic and or living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection they should remain at home and follow Government guidelines including advising the Manager. In addition, participants who have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace because they are a contact of a known COVID-19 case must not exercise outside their homes or garden and must not exercise with others.

Ramsgate Football Club will, on arrival at Southwood Stadium, take all participants' temperature by a LED type thermometer. Their temperature will be entered against the individuals name on the Test and Trace documentation.

Ramsgate Football Club  as a Club encourages all of our players to arrive for a match by their own mode of transport. We as a Club do not advise our players to car sharing outside their own household or social bubble unless totally unavoidably. Players and all participants should follow best practice for travel including minimising use of public transport or public car parks. If participants do have to travel with people outside their own household or support bubble in a vehicle they should try and;

On arrival at the ground Wash Hands for at least 20 seconds or use available hand sanitisers, this should be repeated when exiting or re entering the vehicle.

Ramsgate Football Club has given much consideration for maintaining the social distancing measures, by putting everyone's welfare and social distancing measures first exhausting all reasonable options before utilising other transport means. Ramsgate Football Club will ensure that a copy of Match Day procedures together with The FA "Code of Behaviour" Is made available to all Players/Coaches/Volunteers/Club Officials, etc to read. We as a Club have also advised all Players/Coaches/Volunteers giving them clear instructions on Home Match day procedures and this will be forwarded to visiting teams prior to arrival at Southwood Stadium.

Ramsgate Football Club have created a one way system at Southwood Stadium which is clearly marked out to show a clear route into and out of the ground reducing contact between persons around Southwood Stadium which will ensure social distancing can be maintained.

Ramsgate Football Club will try and stagger the arrival and departure times at Southwood to reduce crowding into and out of the ground. 

A manned access control will be managed via the turnstiles. The Club is looking at innovative ways to reduce contact with supporters, these include cashless where possible contactless payment transactions/online ticket sales. But we will install plastic shields, together with sanitisers at the turnstiles, and signage advising that social distancing should be maintained at all times. There will be sufficient Stewards in place to maintain social distancing queues.

Ramsgate Football Club have ensured that at designated areas around the ground Hand Sanitiser Stations are situated both for use whilst in the stadium and exiting the stadium and signage within the stadium will provide clear guidance and constant reminders of Social Distancing measures in force.

Ramsgate Football Club  have ensured that we have fully provided accessible additional parking or facilities that fully comply with the guidelines. Should anyone not be able to find access to a toilet to wash their hands we have ensured that there are sufficient Hand Sanitiser Stations in situ. There is adequate signage to remind people the importance of washing their hands. Toilets will be treated at least every 30 days or as is required with a sanitising solution that provides up to 30-day residue to combat COVID-19 and other viruses. Toilets will have where appropriate will have a one way system and one in one out approach. During pitch opening times all toilets will be checked hourly for consumables and sanitising wipes as is required.

Both the Home & Away Clubs COVID-19 officers nominated representative must ensure a safety briefing is provided before the commencement off any game.The content of these briefings will remind both sets of players and Officials about their responsibilities in complying with the Code of Behaviour as outlined within the FA Version 2 Guidance on restarting Outdoor Competitive Grassroots Football, especially the requirement for social distancing during breaks in play. 

Ramsgate Football Club have advised our players to refrain from spitting, as the main mode of transmission of the virus is in respiratory secretions, and we as a Club also ban the use of chewing gum as it either spat out or rolled into a ball and taken out and this poses a high risk of cross contamination.

All players, officials, volunteers involved in any match at Southwood Stadium must undergo a self assessment for COVID-19 symptoms They may have left home feeling okay and passed the temperature gauge on arrival it is known that the symptoms of this virus can, start at any time, so if you feel ill with symptoms of a high temperature (above 37.8C ) a new contagious cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste please advise a Club Official immediately do not take a chance.

Ramsgate Football Club have asked all their Players to bring their own personal water bottles for matches, which should be clearly labelled, and the use of the usual communal water bottles are discouraged during this unprecedented time with COVID-19, we have also suggested they bring their own hand sanitiser and sun cream for their match session which are to be used during before and after any break.

Where bibs are used before a match during the warm up we as a Club ensure that they are only worn once and are not swapped during any warm up and then they are washed immediately after use. Any volunteers or players may consider the use of face masks and gloves during this process.

Equipment such as Balls, cones, goal posts etc are regularly wiped down with an appropriate cleaning solvent and cleaned thoroughly after every game.

Ramsgate Football Club are following the Government's advice and our league with regard to Changing rooms/shower rooms will be used for matches where required to do so by the league. However, all Team and Officials will be asked to attend the match already changed. All players/Coaches/Match Officials are requested to shower at home after matches.

Where changing rooms/showers are to be used then they will be treated at least every 30 days or as is required with sanitising solution that provides up to a 30 day residue to combat COVID-19 and other viruses.(Appendix A to Stage 1 RAMS document )

Changing room windows should be kept open at all times whilst area being used to allow good ventilation.We ask that only authorised personnel to access changing rooms and each will be clearly marked with a maximum number of individuals permitted access and this communicated to all teams and Officials.Changing rooms only used for changing and showering and no other purpose.

Whilst Ramsgate Football Club fully recognise that this is not ideal for players the need to travel home without social interaction in groups after a match is critical to avoid the possibility of cross infection.

On a Match Day the Home Team must make provision of priority access for the away team where we are able we suggest that Team Managers seek alternative spaces for any team meetings and observe social distancing, again minimising for example only the Manager and starting 11, and ensure indoor spaces need to have maximum ventilation as possible such as open windows.

Toilets at the Southwood Stadium will be open pre match some 2 hours before kick off, during the match and 30 minutes afterwards.

Match Officials have been advised to travel to games  separately so car parking can be reserved.

Team Sheets once completed are to be left in the Match Officials dressing room if the 2mtr guidelines can be maintained. Team sheets to be exchanged by all parties placing them on a table for each club official and referee to collect them on a table for each club official and Referee to collect the information they each required.

Teams will stagger their arrival onto the pitch, and this should be pre arranged with the Match Officials and the fixture secretary. 

Match Officials are to be paid by BACS on the day of the match or within 48 hours of the match. Match Officials must have access to changing facilities and they have been advised by the FA to bring their own drinks and refreshments.

Ramsgate Football Club will ensure by clearly marked areas that all warm up including communications on the day of the match that all warm up areas provided will provide sufficient distance between the Home & Away teams and a provision of an area for match officials also, abiding by these instructions will help to observe social distancing.

Ramsgate Football Club  do not support Team talk huddles, although team talks can take place as long as social distancing is observed and held outdoors whenever possible.

Pre Match handshakes should not be observed and players will be expected to use the hand sanitisers situated at well signed areas around the pitch.

Coaches, other team staff and substitutes must always observe social distancing on touch lines/dug outs. Coaches, and other team staff and substitutes are allowed, but must also always observe social distancing on touchline/dugouts.

Social distancing must also be observed during interactions when a substitution is being made. Additional seating has been provided to allow for social distancing. Also the Technical Area will have additional seating provided to allow for social distancing to take place.

Ramsgate Football Club insists that interactions with referees and match assistants should only take place with players observing social distancing. Goal celebrations should be avoided. Set-Play; Free kicks : Referees and Coaches should encourage players to get on with the game and not unnecessarily prolong set play set-up, such as defensive walls.

Set-Plays: corners should also be taken promptly to limit prolonged close marking and goal posts should be wiped down before matches after matches and at half time.

Football should not be handled unless for throw ins and if the ball goes outside the pitch confines then it should be sanitised before re-entering play and alternative sanitised ball used to help the game flow. Use of foot instead of hands wherever possible.

Ramsgate Football Club recommend that all participants in games remain at all times social distancing during breaks in play, with spaced areas for equipment and the refreshment storage for everyone including Officials and substitutes.

Ramsgate Football Club  is working to the guidelines as detailed within the First Aid guidance document for First Aid. Injuries during play will be treated as participants' health and safety is of the utmost importance to our Club. In ALL cases but particularly where medical treatment is needed, the best form of protection is through rigorous, personal hygiene and regular hand hygiene.

Ramsgate Football Club physios will always be equipped with the appropriate PPE (including face coverings) to protect themselves and others, should they need to compromise social distancing guidelines to provide medical assistance.

First Aiders are advised to wash hands after any treatment and always record the name date and any treatment carried out for NHS track and trace process. Medical and PPE provision is available at the ground to follow the FA PPE level requirements for First Aid.

Ramsgate Football Clubs Club House will be open since the 4th July in accordance with the latest Government guidelines, and the managing of this facility and the managing of these relevant guidelines are the responsibility of the Licence holder

Ramsgate Football Club for the foreseeable future will use  the area known as the Lawson Suite ( usually our Boardroom) as an extension of the Club House facility to support effective social distancing.

Ramsgate Football Club would ask for your assistance when leaving Southwood Stadium and depart by using the traffic flow system we have in operation at Southwood.

Ramsgate Football Club like all Non League Football Clubs totally relies upon volunteers to effectively operate our Club, so Ramsgate Football Club have taken the time to adapt their normal roles to maximise safety. Ramsgate Football Club have ensured that all volunteers have been issued with full PPE to safely support operations. Such Gloves/Face Coverings for all those undertaking the cleaning of sports equipment and working in outdoor spaces. For Match Days we have ensured that those selling Food, Hot & Cold drinks and in the turnstiles are fully protected either by plastic screens or PPE Ramsgate Football Club has reviewed the requirements for the social distancing needs of those people who will watch a competitive match at Southwood whilst maintaining social distancing once. 

Both the FA, KCFA and the  Isthmian League have given the green light for the Club to once again play in front of paying spectators. Nor should it be forgotten that when we as a Club decide to re admit spectators, both the ground management and spectators should respect the social distancing needs of those people who help deliver the event- be they stewards, catering staff first aiders, representatives of the media and so on- as well as those that live and work in the proximity to the ground. Thus, it will be absolutely essential for management to establish a tone and an authority in their communications and dealings with the public that fosters positive relationships and cooperative spirit in the difficult circumstances that all parties face.

Although currently isolated from use with only designated attending areas provided with social distancing in place for match attendees. But it must be known that NO match spectators will be permitted  until further notice. We as a Club are considering the following advice until being advised.

There are two thoughts which will be decided based on Government advice. Method 1 is based upon a 1.0m diameter circle centered on the head regardless of whether it applies to individuals. Method 2 takes into account the width and depth individuals are apart, ensuring they are 1.0m apart. Seated area social distancing in order to assess social distanced capacity for a seated area, there are three factors which dictate how many seats in the same row must be kept unoccupied. 

The management responsibility for social distancing and Covid-19 protection within the ground will be with the owner of the lease of the ground and more importantly the person that has been made the Covid-19 officer. Though it is recognised that the Management and consequently the Covid-19 officer cannot have all the knowledge and skills set required to assess and apply every recommendation given by the Government and the Football Governing Bodies. 

Ramsgate Football Club will fully access all the requirements before allowing spectators into the ground. We will apply new technology where necessary to ensure the safety and protection of our own staff and spectators. 

Of course we will receive further guidelines from the Governing bodies and as we do we will reassess our risk assessment for both on and off the field where necessary.