Getting to Know: Henry Arnold

Getting to Know: Henry Arnold


It’s Sunday afternoon and our normal football fix has disappeared, so what better to do than ask some “this or that” questions? 

We asked Henry Arnold to share his thoughts on some of the most controversial topics, as well some other questions for curiosity reasons of course.

1. Jaffa Cake: cake or a biscuit? HA: Cake 

2. What comes first: cereal or milk? HA: Cereal

3. Cats or dogs? HA: Dogs

4. Messi or Ronaldo? HA: Ronaldo

5. Sweet or Sour? HA: Sweet

6. PlayStation or XBOX? HA: XBOX

7. Facebook or Twitter? HA: Twitter

8. Snapchat or Instagram? HA: Instagram

9. Eat out or Takeaway? HA: Eat out

10. Tea or Coffee? HA: Tea

11. Bacon or Sausage? HA: Neither 

12. Steak: well-done or rare? HA: Rare

13. Chinese or Indian? HA: Indian

14. Summer or Winter? HA: Summer

15. Taxi or Uber? HA: Uber

16. The Simpsons or Family Guy? HA: The Simpsons

17. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? HA: Milk Chocolate

18. Early or late on arrival? HA: Late

19. Introvert or Extrovert? HA: Extrovert

20. Text Message or Call? HA: Call

21. Pancakes or Waffles? HA: Waffles

22. Morning or Evening? HA: Evening

23. Comedy or Horror? HA: Horror

24. Apple or Android? HA: Apple

25. Mercedes or BMW? HA: Merc