Interesting Facts About Ramsgate FC

Interesting Facts About Ramsgate FC


Ramsgate's main football club is Ramsgate FC and we are currently members of the Isthmian League South East Division. Margate are our main rivals who are situated just 4 miles away and we contest a match known as the Thanet derby.

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History: The history of Ramsgate goes a long way back. The Vikings first came to the town in 449 AD and settled here. While the first Christian missionary St Augustine, sent by Pope Gregory the Great, came to Ramsgate in 497 AD.

Ramsgate Maritime Museum: One of its main attractions is the Ramsgate Maritime Museum whose fascinating exhibits, including two great museum ships, describe the maritime history of East Kent.

St. Augustine's Church: St. Augustine's Church shows the architectural brilliance of Augustus Pugin, the famous architect, designer, and reformer who personally funded the building himself. Pugin spent the last six years of his life constructing the building and when he died in 1852, it had largely been completed. It is believed that the shrine houses part of a bone of St Augustine. 

Pugin built many other important buildings in Ramsgate which included St Augustine's Abbey, The Grange, and The Granville Hotel.

The Longship: Located at Pegwell Bay, Kent is the enormous and colorful longship that arrived as a gift from the Danish government to commemorate the 1500th anniversary of the Anglo-Saxon invasion. It is a popular tourist attraction that arrived at its current site in 1949 and underwent repairs in 2005.

Ramsgate Main Sands: Ramsgate Main Sands is a popular beach known for its clean sand and bathing water, especially suitable for families.

Ramsgate Harbour: Ramsgate Harbour is the only Royal Harbour in the United Kingdom. King George IV became so impressed with the hospitality of the town that he decreed that it be known as the Royal Harbour in the UK. Its construction started in 1749 and was completed in about 1850.

Electric Tram Service: This service was introduced on the Isle of Thanet in the year 1901. Ramsgate was connected with Margate and Broadstairs by 11 miles of track.

World Wars: The town suffered heavily during both the two World Wars but Ramsgate still played a heroic part in the war efforts. During the Second World War, it was branded as the most bombed seaside town in the United Kingdom.

With its unique underground tunnels, Ramsgate saved thousands of people during WWII. During the Napoleonic Wars, it was a significant embarkation port and embarked on 40,000 troops at one point in history.