Jack Paxman - Everybody can see the Quality of this Ramsgate Side

Jack Paxman - Everybody can see the Quality of this Ramsgate Side


Ramsgate defender Jack Paxman played a pivotal role in Saturday’s 3-3 draw at home to Crystal Palace on Saturday. 

The young full-back had a hand in all three goals, providing 2 assists on the day. 

“In the first 5-10 minutes, we started a little bit slow, but that’s to be expected I think.” Paxman said. 

“Palace came out strong and got an early goal, but we showed a lot of character to bounce back and equalise, and then we obviously scored a couple more.”

“Throughout the game, we showed a lot of desire and quality in our play, and we deserved a decent result.”

“Their second goal was a little bit fortunate, I think he only meant to make the pass and it somehow ended up in the back of the net!”

Ramsgate went into the break with a 3-2 lead, but Palace were able to level things up when Paxman brought Lokilo down in the area, resulting in a penalty. Lokilo converted.

“You’re always going to be disappointed to let any team back into a game at 3-1 up to be honest.” He said. 

“They managed to equalise with the penalty, but I just had to try and get back in as quick as I could. I tried to make a fair tackle but obviously the referee didn’t think so.” 

“Quite a few people came up and asked me if it was a pen as they weren't sure the ref made the right call,”

“It’s one of those ones, I had to try and get there at the end of the day.”

Following the match, the full-back made a point of the quality within the Ramsgate side.

“When you’re playing against teams with so much quality, like Palace have clearly got, you have to cherish these moments,” Paxman said. 

“I just wanted to be myself and play good football because if the game becomes a bit forced, you begin to make mistakes and you don’t get to see the quality within the team.”

“We aimed to match Palace and we did exactly that, I thought. It was a top performance from everyone and everybody can see the quality of this side.”