Joint-Club Statement: Majority Shareholder and Chairman

Joint-Club Statement: Majority Shareholder and Chairman


The past week has been a whirlwind at Ramsgate Football club and no football fan, even a BETTING BONUS CODE availing punter, couldn't have been able to predict this significant event at the club. After receiving the news of Paul Bowden-Brown’s worrying health situation and his subsequent resignation as Chairman, majority shareholder Richard Lawson subsequently offered the position of Chairman to his son James.

On being offered the position James said, “This was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up on. I think I watched my first Ramsgate game before I started primary school. I played for the youth sides and have been a supporter ever since.”

“Over the years I have been frustrated when our best young players have been overlooked and I am determined to create a situation where local players can fulfil their potential and create the nucleus of a vibrant and competitive first team squad.”

“I have been heavily involved in the restructuring of the youth system and find the opportunity to merge the senior and Youth Committees into “one club” extremely exciting.”

“We are very fortunate to have Jason Lillis in charge because he is at the top of the tree in terms of Kent’s youth player development. He is in total support of our new philosophy of creating a conveyor belt of good young players whose first stop on their football journey is our first team.”

“Jason will help the club implement a new curriculum and coaching strategy that will help local players become the best they can be. That is something that I hope will define my tenure at the club.”

Richard Lawson feels that after a week of change, the cards are quickly falling into place with the appointment of his son James.

“A change of Chairman invariably means a change of personnel. James has spoken to many of the Ramsgate stalwarts who are happy to return in some capacity, but more importantly he is recruiting younger people mostly from the Youth Section to form his new Committee. This is possibly the best thing that could happen to the Club and they are all looking forward to the challenge.” 

“He will have the experience of Paul Bowden-Brown and myself to call on if he needs it, but there is a totally new more vibrant energy at the club.”

“For the harbingers of doom who have been foretelling the demise of Ramsgate Football Club, I am afraid I must disappoint you. After having run the Club for over 25 years, no one knows better than me what our capabilities are and with PBB stepping back and reducing his financial support to the playing budget James has sat with me at length to discuss what the revised budget should be.”

“It will come as no surprise that the reduced budget is now close to the figure we’ve historically run on. James Lawson and Jason Lillis have agreed the figure and they will jointly move forward on that basis.”

In closing, both Richard and James wish Paul Bowden-Brown the best of luck with his health problems and hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.