Liam Friend - We Just Need Fine-Tuning

Liam Friend - We Just Need Fine-Tuning


Following a 2-1 opening day defeat at home to Chichester City, club captain Liam Friend insists Ramsgate "just need fine-tuning".

“I thought we were good for an hour, we caused them quite a few problems and they didn’t cause us too many,” Liam Friend said. 

“We were disappointed to concede their equaliser, and at that point it was just a game of end-to-end,”

“It felt like there was always going to be a winner in the game, whether it be us or them, and unfortunately they nicked it with a penalty,”

“It was definitely a penalty, there wasn’t a lot we could argue about there. In the closing stages of the games, we need to be a bit more solid with the ball.”

“It’s a blow for us of course, but I’d rather fix our problems early on now than later down the line. We just need fine-tuning.”

“We need to dust ourselves off and go again. We have the FA Cup next week, so we need to look forward to that and make sure we get the win.”