Match Report: Hemel Hempstead 5 - 0 Ramsgate FC (FA Cup)

Match Report: Hemel Hempstead 5 - 0 Ramsgate FC (FA Cup)


A match where the class of our hosts showed through Ramsgate were forced on to the back foot from the start, and lacking the fire power up front with Millbank out due to injury and Smith absent, the Rams had a tall order.

It was the Tudors who took advantage in the 12th minute when a goal from Parkes set the tone for the rest of the match, seeing the Rams only having two shooting opportunities in the entire game and neither on target. A second goal added in the 30th minute by Connolly saw the Tudors go in at half time 2 up, and it was very much one way traffic but the Rams must have felt at half time there was still a chance to get back into the game.

The second half started brightly for the Rams but it was clear that there would be no way that they would be allowed back into the game but they did hold out until the 57th minute when McCall stuck to put the hosts 3 goals ahead. Chasing the game the Rams battled hard but were just not able to create any chances, however the lads did keep trying and did not allow their heads to drop too much and it was not until 76th and 81st minutes where a brace from Oliyide finished the Rams' cup run off.

Overall the Rams can hold their heads high as the gulf in the levels was clear to see. Well done to Lloyd and the team for their efforts.

Ramsgate: Luke Watkins, Jake Mackenzie, George Crimmen, Jacob Mensah, Luke Wheatley, Billy Munday, Tom Chapman, Charlie Dickens, Harry Stannard, Sam Lawford (Jack Penny 73’), Kyron Lightfoot. Unused subs: Liam Dickson, Sam Winch, Wes Hennessey, Ben Munday, Aaron Millbank, Matt Bone.

Attendance: 307