Matt Longhurst Issues Update - Reaction to Two-Year Contract Extension / Work Behind the Scenes / Youth Section

Matt Longhurst Issues Update - Reaction to Two-Year Contract Extension / Work Behind the Scenes / Youth Section


Ramsgate boss Matt Longhurst has reacted to the news of signing a two-year contract extension with the club. 

“First of all I’d like to start by wishing everybody’s safety during these difficult times and hopefully everybody continues to follow the government’s guidelines.” 

“I also need to say a massive thank you to all donors of the club’s GoFundme page. Obviously these are unprecedented times and we need everybody to come together.”

“As people will know by now, me and my coaching staff recently accepted two-year extensions at the club and that shows me that the club believes in our ideas and what we can offer.”

“We are very motivated to do the work that is still possible behind the scenes until football can return and that’s why we’ve taken the opportunity to liaise with all youth team managers to explain the outline going forward.”

“Despite the difficult issues in the world, we’ve still been busy, particularly within the Youth section. We’ve put together a syllabus and an ethos that can be followed at the club and this is something myself, Les and Liam are all very keen to implement ourselves over the next couple of years.”

“We’ve also increased the number of youth teams that’ll be with us next season with the introduction of Thanet Colts, which is very exciting.”

“The club and it’s board have been very supportive of our ideas, whether it be about equipment, facilities, medical equipment, changing rooms etc, and I have James Lawson, Richard Lawson plus others to thank for that.” 

Matt has confirmed that the majority of his players have agreed to remain with the club heading into next season, whilst admitting his hands are currently tied-up on the recruitment front.

“Obviously there’s not much we can do at the moment when it comes to recruitment, but we’ve agreed with a number of our players already, and this has already been stated on the website, that they’ll remain with us.” 

“Everybody of course knows that in the world of Non-League football, lots can change in a short space of time. But as things stand at the moment, all of the players that we wanted to keep we have kept.” 

“Katie will be staying with us as our physio too which is positive - she does a great job for us.”

“So despite all that’s going on there’s still plenty of positivity to be glad about. There are things we want to implement that will take time and we are trying to use this time as best as possible to be successful in those things.”

“Once again, I hope everybody stays safe and fingers crossed things can pick up in the world shortly. Come on you Rams.”