Matt Longhurst Reacts to Three Bridges Defeat - "I told Players to Self-Criticise Themselves as Will I and the Staff"

Matt Longhurst Reacts to Three Bridges Defeat -


Ramsgate boss Matt Longhurst has reacted to Saturday’s 2-0 defeat against Three Bridges in the Isthmian League. 

“I thought we started the match rather well and were looking sharp, but then we didn’t quite follow instructions and we conceded because of that.

“Then we got gradually worse as the game went on. Not enough players played well today and that’s just me being absolutely honest.

“It wasn’t a particularly good game of football - the quality was void from both sides. The conditions didn’t allow for a good game of football and we huffed and puffed. 

“I keep saying it: this is a process we are in. It’s not going to be fluid, it’s not going to be smooth, there will be bumps along the road. If you think there won’t be then I can’t help you.

“We have to enjoy games like last week, accept results like this week and move on to the next one.

“I said to the players in the changing room, ‘it’s no good being upbeat, brash and brazen last week and then the opposite the next - you need to do it week in week out.’

“We also have to remember that this is a relatively new group of players who haven’t played that many games together. 

“Obviously we didn’t have Aaron Simpson so we had to make that change, James Morrish did well and so did Tom Chapman. 

“It’s a big boost having [Chapman and Morrish] with us, they will be massive players for us this season without a doubt.

“At the end of the day, we never played well enough and I take responsibility for that. I can see the lads are trying to implement exactly how I want them to play and that’s all I ask.

“Ok, we didn’t execute it how we would’ve liked and whilst the result is negative, it’s part of the process. I’m not going to change my feeling on that. We understand where we’re heading, we understood that when we lost to Hastings, Burgess Hill etc.

“Other than that, we don’t need to make more changes and we don’t need to bring more players in. The players were good enough last week when we won, they can’t now not be good enough just because we lost a game. 

“I didn’t want to beat the players up, I told them the truth, to accept it, self-criticise themselves as I and the staff will and we move forward.

“Now we have to focus on Herne Bay on Tuesday. We need to wait and see if James Morrish can make it, [Aaron] Simpson should be back and Rob Saunders should be back too. We’ll be ready.”