Nick Davis: Credit to East Grinstead but the Officials Ruined Our Game Following Narrow 1-0 Defeat

Nick Davis: Credit to East Grinstead but the Officials Ruined Our Game Following Narrow 1-0 Defeat


Nick Davis has criticised the referee and his officials for their performance on Saturday as Ramsgate suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat to East Grinstead.

Whilst the Rams boss disregarded any suggestion the poor officiating was the reason Ramsgate lost the game, he admitted it was a factor.

"I don't really want to go on about it, and I might get in trouble, but the referee ruined the game," Nick said. 

"I'm sorry, but 11 yellow cards in a match that wasn't a dirty game of football, and it's killed it for some of our players,"

"We should've had a penalty - Grinstead's goalkeepers agreed it was a handball in the box, but it wasn't given, and that summed up the performance of the officials."

Despite the poor officiating, Nick admitted while his side were worthy of a point, they need to improve away from home. 

"I'm not even sure Luke (Watkins) had to make a save today, and even if he did, their keeper' was certainly called to action plenty more times than ours," Nick said. 

"East Grinstead's goal was certainly a moment of magic, sometimes the luck doesn't go your way,"

"But listen, we need to be more inventive when going forward away from home, I think,"

"I know they've got some great players and it was always going to be a tough game, we restricted them well but then we haven't exactly created bundles ourselves,"

"We were definitely worthy of a draw and that probably would've been the fair result, but we go again."

The manager also admitted a play-off spot will be challenging following Saturday's defeat but that all the while it's still possible his players will give everything.

"We would have to go on some hell of a run now," Nick said. 

"It's a free hit against Cray Wanderers next week, and we still have 11 games left with nothing to lose,"

"I said to the boys after the game, 'we win together, draw together and lose together as a team - let's see where the next 11 games take us,'"

"We've enjoyed the run we've been on, we've enjoyed the fact that we gave ourselves even half a chance of the play-off's and it's still not out of reach so we will have to see what happens."