Nick Davis - We Had One Aim Against Palace, but my Squad Went Above and Beyond That

Nick Davis - We Had One Aim Against Palace, but my Squad Went Above and Beyond That


Nick Davis has expressed his delight at yesterday’s performance at home to Crystal Palace on Saturday afternoon. 

The manager has praised his side following an entertaining 3-3 draw at The Southwood Stadium. 

“I’m absolutely delighted with that performance, I’m really pleased.” Nick said. 

“Obviously we went one-nil down, and you do think the worst, but what character to keep their heads up and get back into the game,”

“You’ve got to remember these guys we just played are pro’s. Albeit they’re youngsters, they are also full-time and some of them have even played league football.”

“We were outstanding, some of our play was immense and we matched Palace.”

“We can only try to beat what’s in front of us, and I’m just so pleased with how well we conducted ourselves, our game management, the football we played,”

“For us, we had one aim - build up fitness and get into good habits. But, they went above and beyond that.”

“The team deserve so much praise.”

The Rams boss has a tough job of narrowing down his squad before the Isthmian League 2019/20 campaign starts, and that decision is set to get even harder. 

“We didn’t even get to see Ollie Gray today, and we’ve got an extremely tough decision of trying to pull a squad together,” Nick Davis said. 

“We have over 20 players and there might even be a couple more incoming yet, so it doesn’t get any easier.”

“I wasn’t surprised with the performance, we have a really great side, we can still play better than that too,” 

“I’ve got a headache now though, but it’s a good headache to have.”