Ollie Gray Believes Ramsgate's "Wrong Doings" Were Culpable for Defeat to Hastings

Ollie Gray Believes Ramsgate's


Ollie Gray believes Ramsgate's "wrong doings" were culpable for a crushing 3-0 defeat away to Hastings United on Saturday. 

"We were not tight enough for their first goal, allowing him to shoot from range," Ollie said. 

"For their second goal, Watto made a good save and then unfortunately fell straight back to them,"

"And then we just switched off for the third following their free-kick - so again our wrong doing."

"I don't think it felt like a 3-0 game. It's a strange one because they are a very good side, yet I thought we matched them in periods, especially in the second half."

The Rams midfielder insisted the absence of Chapman, Smith, Rowland and Saunders was a blow. 

"Having 4 key players out did not help, they would've made a difference," Ollie said. 

"But, the lads up front worked very hard and played well in my opinion,"

"It's frustrating because as a team we're so close to getting it right but we aren't quite there yet,"

"I'm hopeful we will get it right ahead of next season when we will push for promotion."