Paul Bowden-Brown: Everything That was Discussed at RFSA Meeting

Paul Bowden-Brown: Everything That was Discussed at RFSA Meeting


Last Thursday (24/01/19), Paul Bowden-Brown (CEO), Ian Docker (General Manager) and Zac Bell (Media Executive) had a meeting with Ramsgate Football Club’s Supporters Association (RFSA) to discuss all concerns/queries regarding the club. The following was discussed:


RFSA quiz night’s at “The Southwood”

Members of the RFSA host a local quiz night on a Friday evening once every 6 weeks, and whilst Stephen Redford, the soon to be operator of “The Southwood” prefers the dates to be changed to a different day, Paul has said he will support the RFSA on using Friday’s if a change isn’t convenient/possible for themselves. As the dates have already been booked and confirmed, Paul thinks it’s only fair to honour that. However, the supporters have been advised to book another day for 2020. Paul also confirmed the supporters wouldn’t have to pay for the use of the hall he would cover any expenses.

Will RFSA members still get a discount on all drinks at “The Southwood”?

RFSA members will not receive an exclusive discount on all drinks at “The Southwood”. Instead, all prices of drinks will be at least 20p cheaper than other establishments in the local area, ensuring everybody who uses “The Southwood” will benefit.

Club shop

Items can still be bought at the club shop within the ground, but the Club will purchase all items of stock and take all revenue and profits gained. There are also plans to sell items on our official website, and once this is in operation the Club Shop website will cease to operate.


It is the Clubs intention that in future All revenue earned on matchdays should go directly to the club. That includes tickets to get into the ground, programmes sold, jackpot tickets sold etc.

Paul fully appreciates all the work the supporters carry out for home games but wants to formalise all operations within the club as follows:

Turnstiles x2 (Nominated supporters operating)

Tannoy (Nominated person)

Programme Selling (To be sold at the Turnstile and the bar on Matchdays)

Advertising in programme

Jim and Vic will oversee all advertising inside the programmes.

Posters for all information

Zac and our graphic designer will be responsible for posters for all information regarding the club. E.g. Fixtures for the upcoming month. Then, it would be great if supporters could distribute the posters to local businesses for us.


We are already making plans for next seasons home and away kits. Members of the RFSA were shown a kit concept we hope to finalise soon. However, there may still be amendments.

Club badge

We have looked at many different concepts and haven’t yet decided on a final badge, but it is true the club will have a new badge very soon, using the Ram, gate and ball as the notable features. Paul feels the badge should be modernised but still remembering that this logo will be not only be used on stationary and marketing material but the kit also.

Away travel

Starting from next season, the plan is to have a coach for away supporters for some fixtures – members of the squad will also use it. There is likely to be an extremely nominal sum to help finance the travel.


The CEO thanked the RFSA members for attending the meeting and hoped that the honest dialogue can continue well into the future. He says it must be a partnership between the Club and its supporters, and whilst they may not always agree, at least all views would have been considered before the final decision is made. But as the Directors will be funding any financial shortfall in the Club, they will decide what they feel is best for the Club taking all views and reasons into consideration, he hopes that meetings like this one will become a regular occurrence and he looks forward to the next one, but should any supporter have a view they feel very strong about please do not wait until the next meeting, please make contact with Paul or a member of his team.