Paul Bowden-Brown: From the Boardroom (Ramsgate FC vs Haywards Heath Town FC)

Paul Bowden-Brown: From the Boardroom (Ramsgate FC vs Haywards Heath Town FC)


May I welcome the Officials, Players and Supporters of Haywards’ Heath FC to Southwood, and hopefully after a great game of football and some refreshments you all have a safe journey home.

Well here we are back home after a weekend free from football, well for some of us anyway. I understand that there was a match played between the First Team and the u/23s and a fine display I am advised took place.

We are finally approaching the last few games of the season - two of which are at home and one away to our friends Faversham on Easter Monday.

As I have said before, I have met with our manager Nick to discuss his player requirements for next season so that he will have the best opportunity to meet our aims. I have ensured Nick will have the budget required to be able to attract players to play for Ramsgate FC.

The current squad still have the opportunity to prove that they are part of Nick’s plan for the future. It’s not part of the plan to just go through the motions, we want to gain as many points possible until the end of the season.

It’s not as if I have said “it’s the end of the season we cannot win anything, so why pay the players? Let's save some money”. That’s not my style. I am honouring fully the clubs commitment regarding players payments and I expect that same commitment from the players.

It is now a busy time of year for many clubs regarding the negotiations of sponsorship packages and programme advertising for the next campaign. Fortunately, we now have on board our new Commercial Manager Danny; a very forward thinking young man.

I hope his hard work will develop into new sponsorship packages as well as selling pitch perimeter advertising - a keen target for Danny. I believe our ground looks bear and bleak without advertising around the pitch and to make sure he has the best opportunity I have ensured all marketing packages are very keenly priced to fit all budgets.

If any of you know someone that might be looking to support the football club, please let the office know and you could earn yourself some commission. You should see around the club some new marketing material on your visits, be sure to take one home and ensure all your friends are aware what is on offer.

You will see and hear many opportunities through the close season as I intend to have a real go of bringing new money into the club so we can once again meet all our aims for the next 5 years, but more importantly we want to lay a strong financial basis for the forthcoming season so we can ensure a strong club infrastructure on and off the field.

In Line with the continued club rebranding I have decided on a new kit for next season Home and Away, and I hope you will all like it. Everybody that have been involved in the process are very keen on it, and feel that it looks professional.

With regard to kit supplies throughout the club, I have brought on board a very good friend of mine that I have worked with before for many years previously - Ian Robinson

He has already put together packs for the Academy and our Youth Section teams are already in discussions with Ian re orders including our new teams that are joining us next season, which includes the ladies’ teams.

By involving Ian, already we are assured that ALL teams will have their kit before the start of next season unlike this season when delivery was so fragmented. It was a total embarrassment for the club and not something I want to be associated with.

Well there you have it. Please remember that if there is anything that you feel needs doing or you are not happy with something regarding the club operations, don’t hesitate to make contact through Jim Ward or Vic Todd.

Remember, we are all part of this fine old club and we need to work together honestly for the club to operate efficiently.

Now lets all enjoy the game.


Paul Bowden-Brown

Director & CEO