Ramsgate FC and Thanet Colts Make Joint-Decision to Cancel Subscription Payments (Subs)

Ramsgate FC and Thanet Colts Make Joint-Decision to Cancel Subscription Payments (Subs)


Inline with official advice, Ramsgate Football Club and Thanet Colts regret to announce that all matches and training are cancelled until further notice. It's important to note that any unofficial gatherings would not fall under the umbrella of either club, in any form, including welfare and insurance.

Further to this, both clubs recognise that they exist for the community first and want to support our families through such a difficult time. For this reason, we are amongst the first football clubs to announce that all subscriptions (subs) will be cancelled from the end of the month with April being the first month without charge. 

Parents at Thanet Colts will need to cancel standing orders whilst the volunteers at Ramsgate will cancel the direct debits of their members. Subs will recommence as soon as we are able to start playing again.

Parents at Ramsgate Football support the club additionally by paying £1.05 per week into the Goalden Gate lottery. The main club will be without any income for the foreseeable future and still have a significant amount of fixed costs. We would be grateful if parents could keep contributing to this fund. It's a small amount for an individual but collectively goes a long way towards the community helping support this great institution. 

Ultimately, our priority is for local families to navigate this difficult time and ask anyone who would like this Goalden Gate direct debit cancelled to contact cindy.roddam@ramsgate-fc.co.uk. Likewise, please also contact Cindy if you would like to support the club by continuing to pay your main membership subs.

Please know that, as always, we are always available to help our members and the wider community in any way that we can.