Ramsgate, Margate and Four Other Underrated Football Rivalries

Ramsgate, Margate and Four Other Underrated Football Rivalries


Whenever The Rams and The Gate clash it’s an event that brings out local pride and passion. The world doesn’t exactly come to a standstill when these two giants of Kentish football collide, but it’s a special event for the local community, with bragging rights and a shared history on the line.  

While Sky television aren’t likely to turn up with television cameras to the Thanet Derby, Ramsgate and Margate are not alone in being overlooked by the wider football world in terms of passionate rivalries. Below, we have picked some underrated clashes from around the world: 

The Big Blue  

Australian football is going from strength in recent years, thanks to a lot of investment and a renewed interest from fans in the sports-mad country. One of our favourites is the Big Blue, which sees Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory square off. “Blue” is slang for fight in Aussie Lingo, so it tells you all you need to know about this one.  

Who comes out on top?  

Sydney (17) have had more wins than Victory, although both teams have had four A-League Grand Final victories each. Indeed, Sydney (4/1) and Victory (5/1) are rated as the first and second favourites by Bet365 for next season’s competition.  

El Tráfico  

A brilliant name for a derby, given that its participants – Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles FC – hail from a city famous for its traffic congestion. Again, this is a relatively new rivalry given that LA FC was only created a few years ago, but one that is growing in stature thanks to the renewed interest in football across the Atlantic.  

Who comes out on top?  

LA FC may be new on the scene, but they are the darlings of MLS at the moment, rated as 9/4 favourites with BetVictor to win the MLS Cup this year. Galaxy are lagging behind at 9/1, but they have five cup wins to their name.  

Dublin Derby  

Bohemians and Shamrock Rovers contest the biggest rivalry in Irish football. Like many other derbies around the world, there is a sense of a clash of class here, with “the Bohs” hailing from Dublin’s more working class Northside and Rovers coming from the more affluent Southside.  

Who comes out on top?  

The two sides have combined to win the League of Ireland an impressive 50 times (30 for Bohemians and 20 for Rovers), but they have been usurped by Dundalk in recent years who have become the dominant force. Indeed, Bohemians haven’t won the title in a decade, and as they are rated at 50/1 to do it this season, it doesn’t look like that will change soon.  

The Intercontinental Derby 


While Ramsgate and Margate might battle to be the pride of Thanet, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray clash to decide who reigns across two continents. The fact Istanbul is split by the Bosporus means that its two biggest clubs are split across continents, with Galatasaray on the European side and Fenerbahce on the Asian side. It’s fierce and sometimes violent, both on and off the pitch. 

Who comes out on top? 

Fenerbahce have the most derby wins with 146, and they also lead the way 28 league titles. Galatasaray (22) are catching up, however, and are the 13/10 favourites (Unibet) to make it 23 titles next season.