RFSA Ask for More Volunteers - Find out More

RFSA Ask for More Volunteers - Find out More


John Emmins, a representative of the Ramsgate Football Club Supporters Association wants to ask for continued support in the form of volunteer’s.

Both John, and the club, also want to urge supporters to attend tomorrow’s Open Discussion Meeting.

“With the Open Discussion Meeting and RFSA AGM on Wednesday at 19:30, I would like to use this opportunity to ask all supporters to attend if possible,” John said.

“On Wednesday we are liable to lose some valuable members from the RFSA committee, therefore I am appealing for new blood to step forward,”

“Over the course of the last few years, we have had very few new members step up. Now would be a perfect time to do so,”

“If nobody volunteers, we will struggle to carry on in the present format as none of us are under seventy and age takes its toll,”

“Whilst I am appealing for volunteers we could also do with help for the Motley Crew who carry out maintenance on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s every week throughout the year,”

“Whether you can wield a chisel, spanner, paintbrush or make a cup of tea, you will be more than welcome.”

“It looks to be an exciting season coming up. Be apart of it and VOLUNTEER.”