Rory Smith "Desperate" to win Every Game, Dismissing Claims The Rams Have "Nothing to Play for"

Rory Smith


Rory Smith says he and his teammates are "desperate" to win every game, dismissing claims that The Rams have "nothing to play for".

"We approach all games in the same manner," Rory said. 

"Regardless of the point in the season, we are desperate to win every game we play,"

"That's not the reason (for the dip in form)."

Following Ramsgate's 2-1 defeat at home to VCD Athletic on Saturday, the forward insisted his side must improve game management.

"As a team we are extremely disappointed to have lost, especially in the circumstances," Smith said. 

"To have had a strong second half performance and to be leading with 15 minutes left to play, the defeat is tough to take,"

"It's always nice to score, but it means nothing if you lose,"

"I hadn't scored in a few games but I'm always looking to create in my midfield role as well,"

"We must get better at managing games when leading, and it's something we need to learn quickly,"