Rory Smith: "Frustrating Not to Win Against Guernsey but we Move on"

Rory Smith:


Ramsgate forward Rory Smith admits whilst it was pleasing to score a brace in spectacular fashon, it's was agonising not to get the three points. 

"It felt very good (to score) especially with the fact I hadn't scored in a while - nearly 2 months actually," Rory said.

"I'm glad I could score a couple with the situation we were in to go from 0-1 down to 2-1 up,"

"It's very frustrating to not get the win of course, but it's a point and we move on."

Smith did however make a point of his teammates' good form and highlighted the fact Ramsgate were still unbeaten in 2019.

"If you were a spectator at the game, I think you'd agree it's two points dropped, but we didn't lose and still haven't lost (in 2019)."

"Off the back of our bad run of games, 7 points in 9 isn't bad - we'll take it."