The Great Ram Run - Tomorrow’s virtual route!

The Great Ram Run - Tomorrow’s virtual route!


Tomorrow’s virtual route! We all need to get our trainers on as it’s a heavy one!

If you want to get involved all you need to is send a screen shot of your daily mileage and any exercise photos/videos over the lock down period to the Ram Phone via WhatsApp...
07517 380532

To get a little more involved sign up for free via the following form:
We will be making weekly montages of all the submissions and being part of this form makes that easier for us to create these.

Please submit any pics/videos of you and the kids, exercising, cooking and eating healthily via the form or the Ram Phone. If you wear Ramsgate kit in the image than that is a bonus! Portrait mode and no longer than 10 seconds.

We?re aiming to raise £3,000 to Rams in the community
Donate here: