Will Graham - I Didn't Care How we Did it, I just Wanted to Win Against Faversham

Will Graham - I Didn't Care How we Did it, I just Wanted to Win Against Faversham


Will Graham was pleased Ramsgate could end their 3-match losing streak on Tuesday evening. 

“It was a very positive performance [against Faversham]. I didn’t care how we won, I just wanted to get that win after the start to the season we’ve had. Penalties or not, it’s nice to come out on top.”

“We want to kick on from here and take the confidence into Saturday and going forward.”

“I said to the players after the game ‘don’t winning feel good?’ and we had players smiling and joking around in the dressing room and we haven’t seen that positive energy enough this season.” 

When asked whether Tom Wynter would claim the hat-trick, Will Graham jokingly said the Ramsgate defender was probably searching for the match ball. 

“He’s [Tom Wynter] trying to claim the hat-trick, but we’ve all told him penalties don’t count!”

“He was definitely in the dressing room trying to steal the match ball.”

“But in all seriousness, Tom was in the right place at the right time on two occassions and that has paid off for him and us. It was a tidy penalty too.”

Will, Ian Docker and Joe Radford made 4 changes to the side that played last Saturday in the FA Cup.

“We made a few changes on Tuesday but that’s completely normal. The players who came in for us are also important members of the squad.”

“The likes of Michael Aziaya and Arinse Uade needed game time and it was a perfect opportunity to do so.” 

“Now we have another important game on Saturday against Haywards Heath in the FA Trophy and we are going to give it our all.”